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Joe Curran: Software General Contractor

Joe's mugshot If you're building something involving excavation and steel, you hire a construction general contractor to manage the project and ride herd over the subcontractors. So if you're building something involving software and the web, then it makes sense to hire a project manager with the experience of Joe Curran.

When early in his career he found himself managing several political campaigns at once, Joe Curran developed a system of precinct targeting that enabled Republicans to focus their limited resources to win elections in Democrat-leaning areas.

His system moved from ledger sheets to computerized spreadsheets until at the ripe old age of 31 he read a book about computer programming. That led to the development of Filpac, a software package now deployed by non-profits, corporate PACs and candidates for offices ranging from township trustee to President.

In the years since, Joe developed and managed business applications in the fields of homebuilding, real estate, medicine, utility-contracting, government reporting and customer-relationship management. His experience is a lesson to anyone proposing software to solve complex business problems: To write business software, one must first understand the business.

In a world where it became impossible to find software help over the phone, Joe never stopped answering his. That’s because of his unique five minutes free system of proactive software support involving quick remediation and extensive online help. Which makes each support call a customer-relations opportunity.

Joe is an accomplished C-language software developer (C++, C#, X#, FoxPro, Visual Objects) with proficiency in server management, web development and long-time experience in data conversion (now called ETL).

Joe is a US Marine Corps veteran and a Journalism graduate of Ohio University. Joe and his wife Carey are the parents of six adult children. He's active in community business and bike-trail development, Rotary, the Boy Scout movement and serves as president of his church council. He’s an elected village councilman in Saint Paris, Ohio.