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Experienced software and ETL developer

Joe Curran is software developer and database manager experienced in several programming languages and always ready to learn new ways of using software as a tool to solve everyday business problems.

And he's on the lookout for challenging new projects.

Joe has done what few others have -- written an industry-specific application; sold it and established a presence in the marketplace; supported it; continuously updated it, and created such a positive customer experience that last year, 97 percent of his customers renewed.

Database migration and conversion (ETL)

Joe wrote an extensive software library of tools that enable the smooth transition of complex business databases from the old application to the new. Nobody is more experienced in moving information from one system to another. And in fixing projects that left mission-critical info behind.

Excel tuning

While he's not quite at the level of Mr. Excel, Joe's spreadsheet work began with Lotus and SuperCalc. (If you can remember those products, you have some idea of Joe's long experience!) Unwieldy spreadsheets make it difficult to operate your business. Joe will clean yours up. And show you how.

Medical EHR consulting

Your software shouldn’t be a Trojan horse collecting patient data and a piece of your billing. Call him old-fashioned but Joe believes your EHR system is there to enhance patient care.

Software development and repair

Is your business slowed by a lagging project or software that slows you down? Call someone with the resources to get things up to speed.

Software vendor relations

A simple choice: call them yourself and live with the wrong answer. Or have Joe call them on your behalf.