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Why Joe?


Sometimes problems are solved only because we've encountered something like it before. It helps to summon the wisdom of the ages.

Joe's long experience in business systems becomes particularly valuable in project management because Joe's been writing code since 1988; he's well-accustomed to the excuses programmers and vendors offer as to why something is late or malfunctioning.


This includes the eagerness to learn, which is crucial in technology field. Let's face it: IT managers prefer demonstrated proficiency in a language or platform because they're worried about most applicants' aptitude to actually learn something new.

Joe's experience in an array of technologies ranging from XBase to C to SQL to .Net and PHP, and platforms ranging from DOS to Windows to Windows Server and the Web separates him from other professionals who've spent their careers mostly in one industry and one application.


The blight of software development is the inability of developers to finish projects on time. Joe has designed a system of planning and benchmarks to manage the "inevitable unforeseen". So if the new system must be ready for next week's payroll run, Joe's system assures it.

The market has spoken

Joe's done something few software developers have: he's developed his own product, gone into the marketplace and made a living from it. Which means that those who involve Joe in their next development benefit from the invaluable lessons Joe has learned about meeting deadlines by focusing on what counts.


Let's face it: sometimes a project is so hopelessly over-budget and behind schedule that reputations are on the line. That's when it's time to bring in someone with Joe's breadth of experience to get the train back on the track and guide it into the station.